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Prices and licenses

Audiouniverse provides an easy licensing model. Each license includes a non-exclusive right to use the respective track. A user license is always valid for one “project”. All licenses on audiouniverse have no expiry date, so you can use it without time limitiations in your project.

The pricing and terms of use for a license depends on the type and intended use of the project. Our flexible licensing model offers a only two different rates for your individual needs: a standard license and an extended license.


Do you need custom music for your project?
Or do you need a shorter or even a longer version of a track?

Just write an e-mail to us: info@audiouniverse.de


With our standard license you can use your track for:

  • Personal Project
    • Holiday Movies, Slide Shows, Wedding Video
  • School Project
    • School theater, project work, homework, group work, lecture
  • University Project
    • Project Management, homework, unit, lecture, term paper
  • Event (non-commercial, non-public)
    • Private parties, birthdays, farewell parties and other private, non-commercial events

You can buy a standard license for a fixed rate of 39,- EUR.


With our extended license, you are able to use the music track for commercial projects or events:

  • Website or Online-Shop
    • background music, playable music (but not downloadable in anyway!)
  • Podcast, Screencast, Videocast
  • Slideshow, Presentations
  • Timelaps video, drone video
  • YouTube video, Instagram video
  • App
    • Smartphone App, SmartTV App, Tablet App
  • Real Estate Video
  • Livestream
  • Short film (less than 5 minutes)
    • Image movie, product video, editorial videos, documentation, explanatory video, tutorial, reportage
  • Cinema Spot (regional)
  • Radio Spot (regional)
  • Commercial (regional)
  • Online-Commercial

You can buy an extended license for a fixed rate of 69,- EUR.

Important notice:
Some audio tracks are not royalty-free! They are registered at BMI, a Performance Royalty Organization (P.R.O) in the United States. If you want to license these tracks, you have to report the use of the track within a cue-sheet to BMI (https://www.bmi.com/licensing).

You have a project that doesn’t fit into our list or licensable applications? Just send us an email and we will find a solution, for sure!

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